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Kinder Morgan On The Run!??

The infamous Kinder Morgan company that wants to build a new pipeline from New York state to Dracut through woods, orchards, communities, and wetlands in Massachusetts has revised its route.

In a Boston Globe front page story dated 12/6/14, that begins, “Stung by intense local opposition…” -- one could almost think that a people’s victory was at hand!

However, the re-routing of the proposed pipeline still travels through several Massachusetts communities as well as southern New Hampshire. Hinsdale, MA – a small, rural, not wealthy, community dotted with lakes and cabins, Pittsfield, Shelburne, Cheshire, Hancock and Lanesborough are on the new list of towns to be invaded by the Houston energy company.

New England has a rich history of opposition to energy projects that outside corporations wish to site within our borders.

In the early seventies, an oil refinery was proposed by none other than billionaire Aristotle Onassis for the coast of southern New Hampshire. Citizens showed the promotional film for the project at a local high school at the suggestion of the soon-to-be legendary Guy Chichester (Clamshell Alliance co-founder) and a movement was born that night! There is no oil refinery polluting the New Hampshire coast.

Sam Lovejoy cut down a weather tower on the site of a proposed nuclear plant in Montague, MA and another movement was born – the one I am most familiar with – the anti-nuclear movement.

It is good that Kinder Morgan feels the heat and has revised the route. The struggle is not over yet (is any struggle ever over?), but if people keep the pressure on in a united way not a "NIMBY" way, and the communities on the revised propose route rise up and organize, it seems possible to send this unneeded, polluting, proposed pipeline to the scrap heap of history!  

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