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New York State Bans Fracking!

A true people's victory has been won by New York anti-fracking activists!

According to Wenonah Hauter, the executive director of Food & Water Watch, in a Common Dreams post, despite a sense that fracking was "inevitable" in New York state, several organizations worked together with a goal of banning fracking.

It took three years of demonstrating, sitting-in, sending comments to the Dept. of Environmental Conversation on health risks, and most important of all, organizing across the state to convince the power structure to heed the people.

Activists included the actor Mark Ruffalo who posted a short video thanking other wonderful activists (such as biologist Sandra Steingraber, a leader in this struggle) and the governor for heeding the people's concerns and enacting the ban.

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon organized Artists Against Fracking and funded anti fracking billboards aimed at Governor Cuomo that were reminiscent of the famous "War is Over, If You Want It" billboards of yesteryear.

New York, with large gas deposits, becomes the first state to ban fracking.

"Fracking" is a process of drilling and injecting fluid and chemicals at high pressure into shale rock to release natural gas. It is a costly process and it is becoming clear that that there are serious environmental consequences, including soil and water contamination, release of methane and volatile organic compounds. Fracking has even caused earthquakes!

People living near places that are being fracked have come forward with a variety of health issues that appeared after fracking began in their area.

This decision is likely to affect the proposed Kinder Morgan fracked gas pipeline to run from New York to Dracut, Mass.

Never give up and never give in! It is possible to organize and win, it is essential!

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