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The Time to Act is Now!

The Time to Act is Now!

Namaste and Greetings to the Environmental Movement and the Peace Movement

The global People’s Climate March accomplished something special – all the movements united to support it!  But, it missed an opportunity to keep the momentum going and take it to the next step. I humbly, but BOLDLY, propose the creation of a global peace movement, Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV), to begin June 21, 2015, which “together,” with the People’s Climate March, is designed to attain POLITICAL CLOUTWithout peace, the environmental movement will fail. 

The mechanisms are in place, a funding plan is prepared, and the catalyst to implement a GMofNV is prepared.  The marketing plan is designed to capture and “keep” the attention of the media.  The VOICES of all the movements must be heard again and again before the November Climate Summit.  A GMofNV will show the people are united for peace and the environment!  All it needs is LEADERSHIP.  The strategy is ready – unite the people to “Stop War!”

A GMofNV is designed to begin immediately and includes the team, funding, and steps to unite the people everywhere, all the movements, all the religions, all the mayors and community leaders, empower the U.N., and have application in every village, town, and city, in every country!  The children and nonviolence are the uniting elements.  A GMofNV has an initiative planned that can “Reach into Every Household” to enlist the people ordinarily not involved by working together “For the Children,” – the constructive stage!  This is what the environmental stage and the peace movement are currently lacking.  Once the movement begins, all kinds of ideas and new initiatives will develop!  The key is to get it started.

The world needs a peace movement now.  The Nobel Peace Laureates highlight the global problems and former President Gorbachev states, “Policy-makers are not responding to the new realities of the global world.”  The world needs a people movement!

It is important that the movements unite right away because in the United States, once the presidential campaigning begins in 2015, it will be impossible to mobilize effectively for the next two to three years.  We cannot wait that long!  The global movement needs people in the U.S. to be involved. There is still time but there is one specific item that must be completed by the end of January – setting up the leadership. 

Activist Marianne Williamson wrote, “Our Democracy is Dying” and recommends the time to stand up is now.  Williamson is a leader who can make it all happen.  She could enlist the Nobel Peace Laureates, all the spiritual leaders, all the women leaders, all the leaders of the different movements, and create the TEAM.  Williamson has the political savvy to connect the environment and the peace movements and at the same time show respect and genuine caring for people everywhere. Williamson is committed to nonviolent change and constantly quotes Gandhi and King.  Williamson can enlist civil rights activists, people who have taught and practiced nonviolence, and enlist those who have been protesting for Brown and Garner in cities across the U.S.

The Ferguson and New York incidents with Brown and Garner respectively have opened a door – a reaction.  This is the perfect time to be proactive and unite!  Gandhi and King would say to commit to nonviolence – everyone, everywhere!  However, there must be a constructive segment that offers people pragmatic STEPS to work together.  The answer is to work for the welfare of the children as the beginning point.  The people in every country want their children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment therefore the leaders will issue demands to the governments and the people in every country will influence their own government to observe these demands – Stop War, Save the Environment, and focus on programs “For the Children.” 

The people in every community will be able to participate by promoting a Global Philanthropic Foundation and a Global Funding Plan, both of which have local and global segments.  The mayors and community leaders will promote it to help their communities.  BENEFACTORS that are looking for something to put their name on, that want to make a difference in this world for the good of humanity, will be asked to lead the way.  Leaders will promote a FUNDING plan in each community for their local application and supports the movement at the same time.

When the “leaders unite” to promote nonviolence “For the Children” and “Announce” the plans and steps, it will set in motion social, economic, and political paradigm change.  This plan is predicated on LEADERSHIP!  A complete strategy to enlist leaders – a chain reaction -- is prepared.   The intricacies are complex but there is simplicity in setting a GMofNV in motion.  The key is getting it started.  A GMofNV needs leaders!

The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, and the recent Brown / Garner protests in the U.S. prove nonviolence is the key.  Nonviolence and the children are the uniting elements. 

A GMofNV is prepared to begin on June 21, 2015.  The leaders must be enlisted now!

The thousands of grassroot organizations and initiatives have started from the bottom up.  Now it is time to tie them all together!  The leaders can do it!  The mechanisms are in place, for example: Campaign Nonviolence, World Beyond War, UN Women, One Billion Rising, WILPF’s 100 year anniversary, Beijing +20, Popular Resistance, Summer of Peace, etc., etc.  Great ideas exist such as the Global Marshall Plan and ESRA, Jeffrey Sachs economics, the UN Culture of Peace and Millennium Goals plus much, much more.

The hard truth is that what we are doing now is not working.  We must unite to promote nonviolence!  A special catalyst is prepared to appeal to the psyche and emotions of people everywhere that will capture and “keep” the attention of the media!  It will be contentious because it will upset power structures.  There will be risks. 

The people must act now because the Middle East conflicts (Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq - ISIS) are growing, people are suffering in many African countries, and the debate about Iranian nuclear development is about to enter the fray again.  Violence is in every city.

We can act now or forever hold our peace.  Every movement will benefit from a GMofNV.  The environmental movement set the stage.  Do we just wait for November and hope that the governments adopt stronger measures or do we also, in nonviolent communication terms, influence them with everything we’ve got?

The signs are everywhere that a people movement is needed.  There is much more to discuss and review.  I challenge all to investigate the details to help strengthen the weak segments and enhance the strong segments.  It may not be in the best presentation form currently, but that is where the specialists and leaders come in.

It is time to implement a strategic plan, a “Walk to the Sea” or a “March in Alabama” with a comprehensive follow-up plan.  AFTER 9/11, there was a LOST OPPORTUNITY to unite the people of the world.  Today, the people can create unity proactively!  Like climate change, we do not know when it will be too late.

A GMofNV is a social, economic, and political nonviolent revolution – to change the status quo.  Most likely IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, because people lives are not directly affected until there is a disaster, a war, or a traumatic event – a death, injury, or accident triggering an emotional response.  But let’s enlist the leadership and find out.  The children are watching!

Peace and Love,



Andre Sheldon

Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence 

Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

Cell number: +1-617-413-9064, Home number: +1-617- 964-5267

Email:  Andre (at)          


Facebook: Global Movement of Nonviolence



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