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Vermont Yankee Closed

After decades of protest, radioactive tritium leaks, a collapsed cooling tower and about 3000 spent fuel rods "temporarily" stored on the roof in spent fuel pools, Vermont Yankee powered down on December 29.

Vermont Yankee was one of the GE Mark I reactors - the same design as the three Fukushima reactors that melted down in the 2011 earthquake disaster in Japan.  

Despite a 20 year license extension gifted to Entergy by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, plant owners felt the heat of citizen opposition, withdrawal of political support by elected officials of the State of Vermont, and economic reality - nuclear power plants are NOT and HAVE NEVER BEEN economical to operate.

Hurdles ahead include safely moving the spent fuel rods to dry cask storage which will still need to be guarded for a million years or more.  

There is still no permanent nuclear waste storage solution, despite decades of assurances and false promises that there would be.

Onward to Pilgrim and Indian Point to shut them down!  







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