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UJP endorses immigrant rights campaigns

UJP endorses immigrant rights campaigns such as Not 1 More Deportation and Mass Trust Act

The peace movement and the immigrant rights movement will both benefit from strengthening of ties: increased communication, publicity and more cooperation. US foreign policy has generated the influx of immigrants, primarily from Latin America but increasingly from Africa and the Middle East. Proxy wars in places like El Salvador and Guatemala created the conditions that forced many to flee their countries. Thus there is a direct connection between the movements.

UJP can take the initiative by endorsing campaigns such as the Mass Trust Act Campaign and the Not 1 More Deportation Campaign. Sponsoring educational programs on current topics (such as US policy towards Cuba, or Venezuela) will serve an educational function. Challenging myths about immigrants will help connect the wars abroad with the wars at home, and reach a new constituency. UJP's justice component will benefit from more attention to racism and issues impacting working class people of color.

The MA Trust Act bill will be filed on Jan. 16 in both houses. Despite Obama's Executive Action to end Secure Communities and provide temporary protected status to many undocumented immigrants, the deportation machinery remains in place and PEP (Priority Enforcement Program),the program which will replace S-Comm may well continue its practices under another name.. The focus of the Trust Act campaign for January is identifying as many co-sponsors as possible and UJP community groups may be helpful in this regard.
The Not 1 More Deportation campaign is a very effective campaign of NDLON (National Day Laborer Organizing Network) which has succeeded in stopping the deportation of many individuals who have been targeted for being community activists.
adopted by UJP planning group (Jan. 14, 2015)
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