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Time for the global superpower to rise again!

Today the doomsday clock was moved forward to three minutes to midnight.  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said in a statement today: "World leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe. These failures of leadership endanger every person on earth."

Runaway climate change and the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons have pushed the world closer to irreversible catastrophe and the Bulletin and its Board of Sponsors which includes 18 Nobel Laureates made the decision to move the clock forward.  The last time we were at 3 minutes to midnight was 1984.  

Meanwhile, United for Peace and Justice is continuing to maintain the national peace coalition as a network on a volunteer basis and we all need to build up its capacity as quickly as we can. 

I've taken on the responsibility of representing UJP in the Boston area and this is my first report.

Member groups were invited to be on a networking call with Michael McPhearson (Executive Director of Veterans For Peace, former UFPJ organizer) on the evening of January 21st.

Michael has been involved with Black Lives Matter in the St. Louis area in addition to his work for Veterans For Peace.

Some points from his briefing: work to support black liberation, connect the struggles, this needs to be in a real way, not jumping on the bandwagon because the issue is at the forefront. Need to follow the lead of younger people, people of color who are on the front lines of the struggle. The aim is/needs to (be) re-arrangement of the social order.

The militarization of the police rises in part from the foreign policy of perpetual war, the dehumanization at home and abroad of black and brown peoples. Patriarchy is also a component – look at how women and children are treated.

Black people in Ferguson are treated much differently than white protesters when facing police.

There is an effort underway in the St. Louis area to organize a “People’s Assembly” and peace activists are engaging with this to form new alliances, connections are being made.

More calls may be organized for member groups.

Member groups that can are requested to pay dues to UFPJ.

A busy spring is coming and it could not be more timely or more crucial for us to re-energize ourselves and re-engage in the struggles for peace, economic and social justice, and action on climate change and nuclear disarmament.

Details are at the United for Peace and Justice website at:   


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