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UJP Active in Palestine Support Work

 Palestine support work UJP is doing:


1. Hummus:  Plan for now is to get the major distributor, Associated Grocers of New England,  to stop distributing Sabra.  They sell to the entire Stop and Shop stores in New England.  There has been a letter sent to the head of the company and a plan is for an in face meeting sometime soon.  As part of this campaign we have been working with a group in Holland that has been boycotting AHOL the owner of Stop and Shop international.


2. Water Justice:  There have been two large meetings of the group one at Tufts and one in Cambridge.  The Tufts meeting was educational so the group knows what is happening in the West Bank re: water especially Aida Camp.  The second was planning.  There will be an event on March 22 World Water Day.  This is in the planning stages more information will follow.  The group wants water to be basic human right, as well as, being opposed to the Water Partnership that Mass has formed with Israel.  The group is also reaching out to the environmental justice groups.


3. Re/Max:  Two events have taken place both were very successful.  One in Davis Sq. and one in  JP.  There will be others when it gets warmer.  You can’t sell property on stolen land.


4. Soda Stream – This campaign is winding down.  There will be an action sometime soon. Because of the pressure Soda Stream has been getting about the plant they have in the settlement.  They are moving its manufacturing plant out of the West Bank and going inside Israel proper.  This is still a problem but for now JVP and AFSC are not going to continue with this campaign.

  -- UJP Palestine Task Force (Feb. 2014)

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