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At the Park Street Protest -- Saturday, Feb. 21

This is my soap box speech from the Park Street demo, Sat. Feb. 21. Thankfully it was not so cold as it is today!  

The global situation is careening out of control

Every country the U.S. and/or NATO have bombed is in a state of chaos: Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan. US warmongers are not satisfied with all that chaos, they are sparring with Russia over the Ukraine – playing a very dangerous game with a nuclear armed power

People are dislocated, refugees from war or persecution exceed 50 million for the first time since world war II

Governments, particularly ours, like to think they can create chaos and manage it and hang onto their power

But there is an imperial over-reach at work-- the Pentagon, the US government and multinational corporations are not only misusing power but are mad with power - deluded - and are hoodlums – the politicians, corporations and military are a cabal of global gangsters There is no accountability

The madness of these entities knows no boundaries – not borders of nations and no psychological restraint or boundary which is why I fear we are swiftly moving into a situation where nuclear weapons may be used

The only thing that has ever put the brakes on such an out of control situation is people in the streets and– we need tens of millions of people in the streets around the world demanding an end to insanity

People are moving -- there is an enormous amount of global dissent but it's not enough -- yet

I hope that soon we will see millions in the streets day after day and week after week spread the word!

I can only speak for myself and I have to say that standing with you for peace and justice out of a great love of humanity with all our imperfections and for love of our planet earth – mother earth - is the only answer I know of

Once more I am grateful that you are here and it is a joy of my life to be able to get downtown -- despite problems with the T and the challenge of the weather -- and stand with you here at Park Street as we set our good words into the wind against the mad policies of destructive disaster ...


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