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A Netanyahu Response

Response to Netanyahu’s speech 
ONLY A PEOPLE MOVEMENT can defuse the conflict
(Includes links to Chris Hedges and Rabbi Lerner articles)
Namaste.  The three governments, Iran, Israel, and U.S. are at odds with what to do about Iran's nuclear energy efforts.  To defuse the conflict, the governments must commit to peaceful negotiations and the only way to hold them accountable is for the people in each country to do it!  The governments are the problem.  The people want peace but the governments don't know how to work together -- the people must show them.  The over-riding question is what do the people want?  If the people want peace, then it is the people that should be listened to.  
Therefore, I believe the people in Iran and the U.S. must be brought into the equation and the only way for that to happen is to implement a people movement EVERYWHERE!  
I humbly, but boldly, would like to submit a plan and formula for the people of the world to unite – a World-Wide Unity Campaign via a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV).  It will be difficult and therefore needs a strategy and leadership (  A GMofNV proposes the leadership that is needed to create change.  Many facets need to come together at the same time.
The political rhetoric about nuclear proliferation is scary.  The people don't necessarily have the answers and are divided on what to do as well.  However, there are absolutely wonderful ideas about how to create unity.  One of them is the Global Marshall Plan presented by Rabbi Michael Lerner and the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP).  
Lerner wrote a response to Netanyahu’s speech that is one of the most profound articles you will ever read.  Lerner highlights the important points beautifully and invites people to join NSP, which is a non-sectarian organization.  Lerner hopes that the people will unite based on his ideas.  I believe his ideas are crucial, but it also needs elements that will enlist the people that ordinarily are not involved. His ideas will not infiltrate into the psyche of the Iranian people or the people in the West on a mass scale.  The plan must be large enough to make a difference. 
If stopping violence and peace are the objectives, then I submit that the children are the uniting factors and can be promoted through a movement of nonviolence.  We need a "PEOPLE MOVEMENT" to prevent violence and to ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons.  
Another profound article is by Chris Hedges about Tariq Ali.  Hedges describes the global problems beautifully and how Tariq Ali states that radical, political and economic changes are needed and that the U.S. must be involved.
This is time sensitive.  The world is becoming more and more divisive and violent – ex: ISIS and the aftermath of the deaths in Paris, Jordan, and Egypt and the impending violence that could erupt between Iran and the West.  We need a means to unite and promote nonviolence now before it is too late.  There will be risks.  In the U.S., the presidential campaigning begins this summer and once it begins, there will be NO WAY to UNITE people in the U.S. with the rest of the world for at least two years.  We cannot wait that long!  The movement needs people in the U.S. to be involved. The world needs something different and that is why we need to do something extraordinary!!! 
Leymah Gbowee told the 15-member UN Security Council:  "We find ourselves at a place where the need for international peace is even greater now than (at any time) in the history of our world,"
The obstacles to change are enormous.  Change will not come easy and there will be risks.  Therefore, the best possible representatives of nonviolence are recommended to lead the way.  The mechanisms are in place as evidenced by Campaign Nonviolence, The Roadmap (Metta Center), World Beyond War, One Billion Rising, UN Women, Global Zero, NSP’s Marshall Plan and ESRA, Institute for Inclusive Security, WILPF, etc.
A GMofNV is designed to begin immediately and tentatively scheduled to begin June 21, 2015.  The last item needed is the leaders.  Please see the GSofNV website
The key to solving the ISIS problem is also incorporated in a GMofNV.  People in every country are going to send a message that states to everyone:  ISIS is NOT who we are!  THIS IS who we are!  The people in conflict areas must see what the rest of the world is doing and join in.
The people in IRAN, ISRAEL, the U.S., and everywhere must join a GMofNV.
After Netanyahu’s speech, it is obvious that the governments are divided.  Only a people movement can make a difference.  A GMofNV is a peace plan for Iran, Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and all conflict areas.  The people must rise up now or forever hold their peace.
Peace and Love,
Andre Sheldon
Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence 
Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign
Cell number: +1-617-413-9064, Home number: +1-617- 964-5267
Email:  Andre (at)          


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