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Water is a Human Right!

WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT! Was shouted over and over as a walking picket marched in front of the offices of Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.  

But Israel uses water as a tool of political oppression and dispossession:

• Israel appropriates Palestinian water resources for its own residents. Illegal West
Bank settlements fill their swimming pools while water taps in Palestinian villages and
refugee camps run dry for months at a time.

• Israel has destroyed Palestinian wells, cisterns and irrigation and sewage systems and
prevented Palestinians from drilling new wells and irrigating their land.

• Tens of thousands of Palestinians do not have access to piped water and must pay up
to half their income to buy back their own water from tanker trucks.

What does this have to do with Massachusetts?

Massachusetts and Israel have formed an Innovative Water Partnership to launch joint water projects
onto the global stage. But should the Commonwealth collaborate with Israel’s water industry while Israel uses water as a weapon of war against the Palestinian people?

The Boston Alliance for Water Justice opposes the Massachusetts-Israel Water Partnership. The
Commonwealth should not be complicit with Israel’s theft of Palestinian water and policies that are seen as ‘Water Apartheid.’ The UN declared that water is a human right and Massachusetts should respect that right without exception.

Please help us get this message to policy-makers by contacting the Water Partnership’s local
base, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC). Say that Massachusetts should not do water
business with Israel as long as it maintains its discriminatory water policies.

Call Mass CEC Chief of Staff at 617 315 9354, email CEO Alicia Barton at or write: Mass CEC, 63 Franklin Street, 3rd floor, Boston MA 02110.



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