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Thoughts on an Orwellian Memorial Day

Pres. Obama celebrated May 25th as the"...the first Memorial Day in 14 years that the US is not engaged in a major ground war..." (my emphasis).

The U.S. is still waging or involved in wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq and across the middle east.  The withdrawal timeline of troops from Afghanistan has been extended so that nearly 10,000 troops will remain through this year.  There are 3,000 military advisers in Iraq.  Those are the "boots on the ground" so to speak.  Hundreds of U.S. troops are "training" Syrian rebels (not clear who the rebels are).  A week ago U.S. forces conducted a "raid" in Syria, killing a "senior ISIS commander."
However, in general drone strikes are the preferred "theater of war."  Piloted remotely with no danger of physical harm or retaliation to the drone operators, these weapons have become popular with the U.S. war-culture public as they make the wars more remote - literally and figuratively.  A recent report details some of the emerging difficulties of this kind of warfare:
Currently, the U.S. uses drones to kill in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan (protests have limited the strikes somewhat, athough the Pakistan Army and CIA have an "arrangement" that allows drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal area).
The aspect of these wars has evolved to a total chaos approach.  The victory lies in the promulgation of chaos - millions of refugees, ruined cities and infrastructure, neighbor versus neighbor, destruction of the ancient artifacts and locations that form the foundation of human history, military budgets that consume discretionary dollars at staggering rates, and most ominously the new nuclear arms race currently underway as the nuclear powers modernize their arsenals and delivery systems.
It seems to me that the need for a vigorous peace movement is as tremendous as ever.
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