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Diplomacy Not War with Iran

United for Peace and Justice welcomes the completion of the historic international agreement with Iran, which limits its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions and the ending of its isolation. After years of futile, horrific wars, we join with peace-loving people around the world in embracing this diplomatic achievement.

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The long months of arduous negotiations attests to the difficulty of achieving compromise among adversaries. But at the end of this process, nobody has been killed, no communities have been obliterated, nor have billions of dollars been squandered on instruments of death. The lesson is clear. When the political will is there, diplomacy can succeed.

United for Peace Justice views this agreement as the beginning, not the end of a path to peace. Iran’s potential capacity to develop nuclear weapons in the future has been understandably perceived as threatening. But much more immediately threatening are the existing arsenals of the nuclear-armed states: the U.S., Russia, Britain, China, France, Israel, India, Pakistan,and North Korea. We believe that the survival of humanity require new commitments to eliminate them all.

For the immediate future, we recognize that irresponsible voices in Congress will do everything possible to kill the agreement with Iran. United for Peace and Justice is joining together with other national organizations in a Stop the Iran War Coalition to build a firewall of support for this deal. This will be an ongoing effort that will extend over the coming months.

For now you can help by signing and circulating this petition:

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Our years of protest have helped to bring this historic deal to completion. Let’s make sure it passes. 

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