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Annals of Nuclear Resistance

In honor of Peace and Planet Summer and Nuclear Free Future Month, United for Peace and Justice is launching an Annals of Nuclear Resistance project to recall and tell the storied resistance to nuclear weapons and power. 

From the Ban the Bomb movement and the Golden Rule sail in protest of nuclear tests to recent actions of civil disobedience at the United Nations during the April NPT review conference, citizens of the world have taken action against nuclear arsenals and nuclear power plants for many decades. 

Annals of Nuclear Resistance is collecting and posting the stories, photographs, educational materials, and creative works to tell the history and to be inspired anew to take action for abolition of nuclear weapons and to shut down nuclear power plants. 

This project will be updated through September 26, 2015 – International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. 

The need to abolish nuclear weapons is as urgent as ever. The hands of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock stand at 3 minutes to midnight. The U.S., which has driven the nuclear arms race since its beginning, plans to spend $1 trillion to “modernize” its nuclear bombs, warheads and delivery systems and maintain them well into the 21st century, while children go hungry and the country moves into relative decline for lack of infrastructure investment. Every other nuclear-armed state is modernizing its nuclear arsenal.

Recent scientific studies demonstrate that even a limited exchange of 50-100 nuclear warheads will lead to global cooling, famine, and the deaths of up to 2 billion people across the planet. Nearly 16,000 nuclear weapons, 94% held by the United States and Russia, pose an intolerable threat to humanity and the global environment.  From the Peace and Planet Call, Summer 2015


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