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Access to Water is a Human Right

In the early morning of Wed. Nov. 18, 2015 a protest line formed in front of the Newton Marriott saying that Water is a Basic Human Right and that the Jewish National Fund, (JNF) should stop taking land and water from Palestinians.  

The JNF has been taking land from Palestinians since the 1950's. It supports Israel in ejecting Palestinians from their homes, denying them access to the land and working diligently to destroy the evidence of erased villages. 

I recently returned from an Interfaith Peace Builders trip to Palestine/Israel  and saw that JNF trees were all over. Much of the land I saw had been taken from Palestinians,  and the JNF covered it with trees making it invisible.

In Newton this morning the JNF was having a breakfast to talk about water.  They want to take even more water from the Occupied Territories of The West Bank and Gaza.  This water is being used as a weapon to control the Palestinian people.  In Palestinian areas there are many times when there isn’t any water available.  In the settlements, also built on Palestinian land, the water is always on.

The group Boston Alliance for Water Justice says No to the JNF and No to Privatizing Water. 

               Water is a basic Human Right.

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