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Film Review/Flyer: "Eye in the Sky," A Sugar Coated Picture of Killer Drones reviewed by Marilyn Levin

The new drone film Eye in the Sky presents a dishonest, sugar-coated view of the U.S. killer drone operation.  It claims that they can precision-drop their bombs, only on selected known targets who will kill innocent people, so, of course, they are saving many lives.  When one child wanders into the kill zone, they agonize about the possibility of killing her, and kick it up to the U.S. Secretary of State and the British Prime Minister to get the okay.  The not-made-in-Hollywood reality is one of killing hundreds, if not thousands, of children in many countries to satisfy U.S. corporate interests.  This film gives us a window of opportunity to reach many people with the truth about drones.

Please download and print the attached flyer (2 to a page/2-sided) and distribute it at as many showings as you can while it is out as a new feature film.  It is playing at AMC Loews Boston Common, Coolidge Corner Theatre, Dedham Community Theatre, Kendall Sq. Cinema, and W. Newton Cinema.


Eastern Massachusetts Anti-Drone Network, UJP Task Force

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