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SATURDAY: Tax Day Rally! Trump Release Taxes - Stop Trump Budget Cuts

Tax Day Rally

Saturday, April 15, 1:00 pm
Cambridge Common

Trump must release all his tax returns

Corporations and 1%ers should pay their fair share in taxes

Oppose the Trump/Ryan “Death Budget”

Support the People’s Budget

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If ever patriots were needed to address threats to the country, that time is now.

Below we announce the speakers and performers who will highlight our Tax Day Rally on Cambridge Common, Saturday, April 15!

Trump’s lies, corruption and his new budget proposal pose a clear and present danger to the nation

  • We Demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns! Expose Trump’s conflicts of interests and business connections. As a billionaire, he will directly benefit from his proposed tax breaks.
  • We Demand that big corporations and people with very high incomes pay their fair share of taxes. Oppose the hundreds of billions of dollars in even more “big, big” tax giveaways promised by the president.

Confirmed Speakers

Barbara Madeloni, President, Massachusetts Teachers Association

Cassandra Bensahih, EPOCA/ Jobs Not Jails

Spencer O’Dowd, New England Independence Campaign

Molly Hannon, Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants

Dan Fishman, political director, Libertarian Party of Mass.

Emily Kirkland, 350 Massachusetts

Rev. Vernon K. Walker, Boston Rescue Mission

Josh Hoxie, Institute of Policy Studies

State Rep. Mike Connolly

James Shearer, Spare Change News

Robert Folan-Johnson, ACT-UP

Joseph Gerson, American Friends Service Committee


Vocal Opposition (protest chorus)

Loyal Opposition (patriotic Dixieland tunes)

Maurice Taylor (Soulfighter)

Second Line Brass Band

  • Oppose Trump’s “Death Budget”

    • Stand up for our families: the president’s budget poses a mortal threat to affordable housing, job training, senior programs, education, public transportation, job safety, rural development programs and services of all kinds, and emergency food, housing and heating support.
    • Sign UpOppose the all-out attack on our climate, environment, and health that lie at the center of Trump’s budget proposal.
    • Redirect Pentagon spending to meet our human needs. Instead of increasing military spending by $54 billion a year—fueling wars, lining the pockets of the military-industrial-congressional complex, and building “The Wall”, fund critical domestic programs and our states and towns
    • Support the People’s Budget as a positive alternative

Sign Up to Attend and/or Volunteer!  Join us for a great gathering of patriots on Cambridge Common on April 15, the site where George Washington first took command of the army of the Continental Congress to fight for our independence from empire and tyranny.

Note: The Tax Day Rally was previously announced as taking place on Boston Common and at Moakley Park.  These have been changed!  The correct location is Cambridge Common.  We apologize for the confusion.

btn_donateCC_LG.gifDonate!  We need your help so we can make Tax Day Rally as big as possible!

Sponsors: Budget for All Campaign • Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants • Massachusetts Peace Action  • American Friends Service Committee • New England Independence Campaign • 617-354-2169


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