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Hearing at the State House on Anti-BDS Legislation

There will be hearing on July 18 at the State House on proposed anti-BDS legislation disguised as an "anti-discrimination" bill.

Here’s what we need everyone to do:   Come to the State House - Gardner Auditorium early. There will be a long line.

  1. Sign the letter to the members of the committee that is reviewing this legislation, calling on them to protect our right to boycott, by opposing this dangerous bill.
  2. Attend the hearing on Tuesday, July 18th, 11:00am (doors open at 10am). The hearing will take place at the Massachusetts State House in the Gardner Auditorium, the largest room in the building! Plan for a long line to get in. Do not bring posters or signs of any kind.  We will provide stickers that say “Freedom to Boycott.”  We expect major organizations (JCRC, AJC, ADL, etc.) to mount huge pressure in support of this legislation so showing up to the hearing on Tues, July 18th is critical. We hope to pack the hearing room with opponents to the legislation. The hearing will likely go on all day and into the evening, so come whenever you can! Please RSVP to the facebook event, and share it with your networks!
  3. Submit oral and written testimony: We encourage you all to provide testimony. Testimony can be submitted orally, in writing, or both.   Oral testimony does NOT go into the record unless accompanied by written testimony.  For this reason, we ask that everyone who wishes to testify provide written testimony whether or not you plan to testify in person.  
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      If you plan to testify at the hearing, it is critical to arrive at the hearing room by 10:00am to sign up!

      Depending on how many people sign up, you may not get called to testify until late in the day, so be prepared for a long day!
  4. Lobby your legislators:  We will provide packets of information for you to deliver (along with your own written testimony) to your own legislators at the State House that day. Lobbying your own legislators will make an even bigger impact than testifying to the committee because you have the most influence over the elected official who is counting on your vote.   Click here to find out who your state legislators are, and how to contact them.

If you have questions about presenting testimony, please contact us at:

Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston

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