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Divest from the War Machine Campaign

Dear United , UFPJ is excited to be part of kicking off the Divest from the War Machine Campaign with a week of national action, February 5 to 11. We are encouraging all our member groups and all activists to become part of this vital effort to take on the massive, global, U.S. military apparatus that is fueled by the alliance between policy makers and the arms industry.

The companies that are part of the War Machine profit from the spread of war and militarism. Their priorities are not our priorities! You will find dozens of ideas for taking action to reduce violent conflict and slow the militarization of our world—by defunding these killer companies. Watch video of the Divest from the War Machine Summit, or write to and connect with people who will work with you.

Thanks for ALL you do to make peace and justice a reality, The UFPJ Coordinating Committee

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