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POSTPONED: Boston Socialist Unity conference for March 17 postponed

Dear Boston area activist community,

The Boston Socialist Unity Project has decided to reschedule its third annual conference, originally scheduled for March 17 at MIT.   Charges of sexual misconduct have been made in relation to one of the presenters, and significant concerns have been expressed by some of the participating organizations.  BSUP cannot sponsor a conference with the mission of promoting unity until this issue has been addressed. 

Rather, BSUP is organizing a public town hall meeting in the near future about sexual misconduct in the movement and related issues, which are an obstacle to unity.  We will reach out broadly to different constituencies and resources to develop this program. Our goal will be to work towards a credible process by which BSUP and the broader Left movement can handle these situations.  As we focus on unity and healing, we should remain concerned about justice for all parties, recognizing the process and its outcomes may not fully satisfy everyone.

We apologize for the inevitable inconvenience, especially to those volunteers who have spent much time working to build this conference. Information about the upcoming program will be sent as soon as it is final.  


This conference was organized to oppose and help heal the divisions in our society, which the ruling class uses as tools to fragment the Left. There is much work to do in combating this, and BSUP hopes you will return in the future to further our focus on unity.   A  better world is possible!


In solidarity,

Organizing Committee, Boston Socialist Unity Project

Boston Socialist Unity Project
Together we fight. Together we win.


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