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Support the Global Days Against Military Spending !


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Dear United ,
Thirty-eight community-based protests and actions in 15 states are planned for the Global Days of Action Against Military Spending (GDAMS) to challenge our country’s warped and dangerous national budget, foreign and military policies. Join our rallies, teach-ins, leafleting, vigils, penny polls and other events, or initiate one of your own!

Pentagon spending will be $716 billion in 2019 – that’s $716,000,000,000! Add another $66 billion for Washington’s wars from Afghanistan and Yemen to the Philippines. Before these increases, Pentagon spending equaled that of the world’s next eight biggest military spenders – combined! That’s more than half of U.S. government discretionary spending.

We are on track to spend between $1.2 and $1.7 trillion for new genocidal and omnicidal nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. The already obsolete F-35 fighter/bomber will cost more than a trillion over its lifetime. We’ve already spent $5.6 trillion for the post 9-11 wars.

Meanwhile, Trump wants to cut funding for housing, food subsidies, education, legal assistance, and the environment!

In this era of mounting assaults on the foundations of democracy, human rights and peace, it is clear that our actions are interconnected. Each community-based action is a reassertion of commitments to democracy and human dignity.

Click here for additional background materials about the Pentagon’s budget, other militarist spending, Move the Money alternatives, and graphics that you can use for your events. You can also hear a detailed budget briefing by William Hartung and Lindsay Koshgarian, by dialing: (712) 775-7039. access code: 495518#.


Please send notices of GDAMS events you schedule with photos from your actions to  

In Solidarity!
The UFPJ Coordinating Committee

GDAMS is a project of the International Peace Bureau. Participating U.S. organizations include: American Friends Service Committee, Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, Code PinkEnvironmentalists Against WarGranny Peace BrigadeNational Priorities Project, National War Tax ResistancePeace ActionPentagon Budget CampaignU.S. Labor Against the WarUnited for Peace and JusticeVeterans for PeaceWalpole Peace and Justice Group Win Without War, and World Beyond War.


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