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The U.S. has launched a military attack on Syria, along with NATO allies France and the United Kingdom.




This assault is totally illegal, violating the UN Charter, international and domestic law, and the U.S. Constitution.  President Trump’s claim to be defending the security of the United States is not credible.


This attack is not defensive in any sense of the word, as Syria was not threatening any of the three countries who attacked it.


This attack is not a response to an alleged chlorine gas attack by the Syrian government; there is no proof yet that such an attack actually occurred, or of Syrian government responsibility.  International inspectors are arriving in Syria on Saturday to investigate the alleged chemical weapons attack.  So why did the U.S., UK and France decide to attack Syria on Friday night?


This attack is a response to the defeat of western-backed jihadi terrorists who for years had been killing civilians with mortar attacks on the Syrian capital Damascus.


If the governments of the U.S., UK and France were actually concerned about the health and welfare of Syrian civilians, they would be working to end the war in Syria, rather than prolonging it with their own acts of terrorism.


This attack has so far been reported to be relatively limited, which is somewhat of a relief. If this aggression goes unchallenged, however, the U.S. empire and the former colonial powers will feel emboldened to continue their bullying aggression, risking a wider war, even a nuclear war.


Veterans For Peace calls on all veterans and military family members, and all our friends and allies to join emergency protests against the U.S. attack on Syria, and to participate in regional antiwar marches and rallies this weekend.


We call upon active duty military personnel to refuse to participate in illegal wars Whether you are a low ranking GI or a top general or admiral, you have the right and the responsibility to refuse to obey illegal orders to participate in war crimes.  Initiating a non-defensive war of aggression is the greatest war crime of all.


We look forward to seeing veterans and active duty military in the marches and rallies this weekend.  You will be very welcome to march with Veterans For Peace. 


Just look for the Veterans For Peace flags, which are white with black lettering, and with a peace dove on a soldier’s helmet. 


Find a peace march and rally near you:


Let's March Together for Peace!

Gerry Condon


President, Board of Directors





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