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Cambridge Photojournalist Randy H. Goodman Presents: Iran Reflections 1979 Hostage Crisis to 2015 Nuclear Agreement

When: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: First Church in Cambridge • 11 Garden St. • Cambridge

Join us for a slideshow and lecture on Randy Goodman’s newest series as she discusses the changes in Iran from 1979 to today, including the effects of the Iran Nuclear Deal on the citizens of the country. 

Her photos capture the spirit of the Iranian people whose lives have been irrevocably changed from Iran’s revolution in 1979 to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Iran nuclear agreement.  She’s captured images from Iran’s revolution to groundswell transitions in Grenada, Nicaragua and Cuba. During her 35-year career, she combined her formal training as a political sociologist with her passion for documentary photography.

Her first foreign assignment was Iran, three months after the November 4, 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy.  She photographed a visit by a grassroots delegation of Americans who traveled to Tehran to meet with the Iranian students holding the U.S. hostages.

In 1981, she, along with two colleagues, returned on an exclusive assignment for CBS-TV News.  At the time, they were the only American journalists credentialed to work in Iran. Her third Iran assignment was for Time magazine (1983), where she toured the Iran-Iraq war zone, covered breaking news events and photographed Ayatollah Khomeini from beneath her borrowed chador.

In 2009, she produced her first exhibit of her Iran work titled IRAN: Images From Beneath a Chador: The Hostage Crisis and the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1983. The traveling exhibit was widely shown in the US and Europe.

After a thirty-three year absence, Randy returned to Iran in 2015 to photograph the societal changes during another pivotal period in that country’s history – – the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Randy’s photographs have been widely published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world including The New York TimesThe Boston GlobeThe Washington PostTIME and in Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Libya, Italy and Spain. She has also made numerous appearances on radio and television programs discussing her Iran work.  She is currently writing a memoir of her Iran experience

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