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Raise Up Massachusetts for $15 minimum wage and paid family medical leave

When: Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: Massachusetts State House • Grand Staircase, 2nd floor • Boston

For years, we’ve been working together with labor, religious and other community groups to pass Paid Family and Medical Leave and a $15 Minimum Wage: both on the ballot and in the legislature. And now, in one week, we’re taking our statewide campaigns to the State House for our largest legislative event to date - the Raise Up Congress!

Join us and the rest of RaiseUp at the State House on May 8th at 1:00PM to show Governor Baker, Speaker DeLeo, and Senate President Chandler that we won’t wait for these policies for working families.



RaiseUpMa is running buses from all parts of Massachusetts to bring the people to the halls of the State House. Sign up for the bus program here! 

You can RSVP to RaiseUpMa and learn more about the event here. If you are unable to make it to the event but still want to help us pass these issues, sign up to join the RaiseUp phone program or consider donating to RaiseUpMa help us move our campaigns forward.

Massachusetts Workers need a Higher Minimum Wage and a state Paid Family Medical Leave Act (PFML) ! 


Massachusetts Peace Action helped collect the necessary signatures to put both the $15/hr minimum wage and a Paid Family Medical Leave Act for the Commonwealth on the 2018 ballot. Now RaiseUp is mounting a massive People's Lobby campaign to press the Legislature to do its job and pass both of these measures which the people so clearly support through the regular legislative process. Join the Massachusetts Peace Action team supporting  RaiseUp Massachusetts!

Because we collected the signatures needed, the Massachusetts legislature will either have to pass laws raising the  minimum wage to $15 and establishing a state Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) requirement for Massachusetts employers or the two referenda will join the Fair tax measure on the November 2018 ballot. Now is the time for the members to hear from all of us in person at the Statehouse:


Minimum Wage - Bills H.2365 & S.1004, Initiative Petition H.4111


Raise the minimum wage and ensure that it keeps pace with the rising cost of living. An increase in the minimum wage would impact one in five workers in Massachusetts and give them the financial stability to provide for their families. 

Three years ago, RaiseUp was able to get the legislature to raise the minimum wage in Massachusetts to $11.00 an hour, a level it reached in January this year.  Before that, the minimum  had been stuck at $8 an hour since 2008, yet costs keep rising – and workers still can’t afford the basic necessities, and it’s an everyday struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. This year's effort will raise the minimum over 4 years to $15 an hour. Already, corporate opponents are trying to weaken the bill with a proposed lower "teen wage" but because we have collected the signatures we can insure that the people get to vote on the accross the board proposal. Click here to find out more about the specific $15/hr ballot proposal, and be sure to read our article on raising the minimum wage


Mass. PFML - Bills H.2172 & S.1048, Initiative Petition H.4110


Raise Up Massachusetts is fighting to establish Paid Family Medical Leave for workers across the state.  In 2014 Massachusets voters were able to vote in paid sick days for workers throughout the state thanks to the RaiseUp campaign at that time. From time to time, many of us require longer periods off to address serious illness, debilitating accidents, the protracted need for care of a loved one, or to bond with a new child in the family.  The ballot measure would establish a Family Medical Leave Insurance program and require employers to cover their employees in the state program or through private insurance. Employers could require their employees to cover half the cost of the premium. The insurance would provide a percentage of an employee's salary for up to 16 weeks.  

California, New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey already have state Family  Medical Leave programs. Employers as well as workers testify that the programs have been beneficial.  Job retention policies like Family Medical Leave reduce unemployment and strengthen the economy. Corporate opponents to this policy seek to carve out some categories of employers for exemption from participation.  Click here to find out more about the Family Medical Leave ballot question, and check out our article on the fight for paid family medical leave.

Calling for Justice --Tuesdays and Thursdays 

RaiseUp is sponsoring regular phone banks every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM and from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  Volunteers can call from any location where they have access to a computer, the internet, and a phone line. We need volunteers to participate in these hub-dialing phone banks to reach supporters of the two issues and help them contact their legislators. To join one of the regular calling shifts simply go to be sure to enter Peace Action as your organization. The computer does the dialing and simply connects volunteers to the next available potential caller. We can connect any caller to their legislatord's office if they want to help pass the bills and using scripts developed by RaiseUp,  we can encourage callers to make an effective argument for justice.  .  Click here to volunteer as part of our Peace Action team. We will remind and notify our team members of calling opportunities and other events connected to the People's Lobby.  


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