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Let's step it up together!


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Hello UFPJ Family,
        In these dire times, we in the Peace Movement and other Social Movements need to drastically increase our resistance. Let’s step it up together!

Our country was founded on nonviolent direct action such as the Boston Tea Party. Nationally, our movements have practiced nonviolent direct action with success for more than five decades. With great impact, UFPJ has rallied and marched nationally by the hundreds of thousands, and often decentralized locally with simultaneous actions to create greater impact.

We know that these types of nonviolent direct actions along with hundreds of others had a tremendous role in moving the American public against the Iraq War.

Join the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action, September 15-23, connecting the dots between war, poverty, racism, climate change, and the epidemic of violence. In your city or town, plan a nonviolent direct action such as a march, vigil, rally or nonviolent civil disobedience. Please register your event on our website,

Let’s join together for the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action to educate the public by raising-up your issues and helping define candidate positions, especially prior to these mid-term elections.

Also, if possible, join us in Washington, D.C., September 22nd for speakers at the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a silent march to the White House and a direct action. Learn more at

UFPJ has endorsed Campaign Nonviolence as have many national and local peace, justice, environmental and religious organizations.

I’ve heard indigenous peoples on five continents say, “We, the little ants, can cut down the big tree.” Join in with thousands of groups from around the country to amplify our issues. Let’s take action together September 15-23 for a new culture of peace and nonviolence.

Peace & Love, 
George Paz Martin

UFPJ, Former National Co-Chair
Campaign Nonviolence, Board Member     

P.S. Please read my essay, “Seize The Time”, on the historic significance of nonviolent direct action and its critical role today. Nonviolent direct action is not only a moral choice, but also a tactical option that can and must succeed.

Help us continue to do this critical work and more-- make a donation to UFPJ today.

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