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Campaign Nonviolence Over 2,600 Actions Planned!


Campaign Nonviolence Action Week, September 15-23, connecting the dots between war, poverty, racism, climate change, and the epidemic of violence.

UFPJ has endorsed Campaign Nonviolence as have many national and local peace, justice, environmental and religious organizations.  

Campaign Nonviolence (CNV) currently has listed over 2600 actions for a culture of nonviolence to end war, poverty, racism and environmental destruction. We are encouraging our members to get involved in this week of nonviolent actions. Check out the link above toJoin an action in your area.  

If there is no direct action such as a march, vigil, rally or nonviolent civil disobedience in your area, you can still plan one! Please send your action details to Campaign Nonviolence, you can fill out the form here or just email the details at It will be added to the list of actions soon.  

CNV’s social media coordinator, Carl Gibson, has also put together some handy tips to help you get the most publicity out of your actions and get some great photos too. Do you know the best hashtags to use and where to post them? Check out his post here to get the answers.  

CNV is also gearing up for the National Convergence: Moment of Truth gathering in Washington, DC Sept 21-22. If you are planning on joining this event for either day, let us know here, this link also provides full details about this event.  

Let’s amplify our issues by joining together, with thousands of others, for the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action September 15-23.   Take Action for a New Culture of Peace and Nonviolence.  

Together in Solidarity!  
The UFPJ Coordinating Committee  

P.S. Please read George Paz Martin's essay, “Seize The Time”, on the historic significance of nonviolent direct action and its critical role today. Nonviolent direct action is not only a moral choice, but also a tactical option that can and must succeed.  

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