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Nuclear Urgencies: Pilgrim and Beyond

When: Saturday, February 2, 2019, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: First Church • 11 Garden Street • Cambridge


COP 24 rally

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant is closing  in May but it won’t close safely unless we stay active and alert. Congress and state legislatures are voting to subsidize failing nuclear plants.  There is no place for endlessly accumulating waste and Fukushima remains out of control. Help map out our next action steps.

Local  activists will fuel us with their  steadfast efforts to counter these crises as we map out Boston Downwinders’  next action steps.


Diane Turco,  Director, Cape Downwinders: CDW and Diane  have been investigating, educating and agitating for the immediate closure of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant since the 1980’s.

Deb Katz, Director, Citizens Awareness Network (aka Nukebusters) 
Based in Western Massachusetts,  Deb and CAN have been  instrumental in the closure of four New England reactors—Yankee Rowe, CT Yankee, Millstone Unit 1 and Vermont Yankee.

Guntram Mueller, Co-Convenor, Boston Downwinders  Guntram is working with State Rep. Ruth Balser to draft the  “Fukushima Lessons Learned Public Health and Safety Act” to be filed in  January.

And You: Boston Downwinders Working Group needs your ideas and support to assure a safe and healthy world for generations to come

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