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Stop US aggression against Venezuela! Hands Off!

When: Friday, February 1, 2019, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Where: Copley Square • 545 Boylston • in front of former Venezuelan consulate • Boston

This stand out and protest will denounce US sanctions on Venezuela and the continued orchestration of the regime change project. 

Slogans: End the Sanctions!  Hands off Venezuela!  US out of Latin America!

The US government has tried to turn Venezuela back into a neo-colony since the 1998 Bolivarian Revolution led by Hugo Chavez began to use Venezuela's vast oil wealth to benefit Venezuela. 

US corporations and the Pentagon have never forgiven the Bolivarian Revolution and is today trying to topple its democratically elected government and install a puppet leadership to siphon off Venezuela's vast natural resources to US mega-corporations and their interests. The UK, under the direction of the US has denied the Venezuelan government from taking out it's own gold worth $1.2 billion.

To topple the legitimate government the Trump regime is trying to engineer another coup through backing a ultra-right wing, racist and neoliberal opposition and enacting crippling economic sanctions meant to bring the people of Venezuela to their knees. In pure hypocritical form, the US pretends to care about Venezuela sovereignty and it's people as it violates its sovereignty and attacks the livelihoods of the Venezuelan people. Oil is a major source of the nation's wealth. The sanctions block over $7 billion in assets and mean $11 billion lost in export proceeds over a year according to war hawk national security advisor John Bolton.

The Trump regime and US imperialism as a whole is trying to turn a sovereign and independent nation to being the US's "backyard." Trump has stated that "military options are on the table" when Venezuela poses no threat to the US or its people. The situation is growing more dire every day.

We call on all pro-peace, anti-war, anti-imperialist, and progressive people to unite and demand that the US get its hands off of Venezuela! The US must end the sanctions and recognize the democratically elected President, Nícolas Maduro! No War On Venezuela!

We will be speaking out and rallying outside the Venezuelan Consulate.

If your organization would like to endorse please message the Facebook page or email


sponsored by ANSWER Boston.

Endorsed by:

Venezuela Solidarity Committee

United for Justice with Peace

Massachusetts Peae Action

Pride @ Work Eastern Massachusetts

July 26th Coalition

Workers World Party Boston

FIRE Boston

International Action Center

Veterans for Peace

Dorchester People for Peace

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