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Divest Harvard from fossil fuels, join student action

When: Friday, April 26, 2019, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: Harvard Yard • Cambridge

Students have been fighting around the country to divest their institutions for years, and Harvard is no exception. After years of struggle, Divest Harvard is hosting Harvard Heat Week: a week of climate action and education to pressure the Harvard University to fully divest its $40 billion endowment from fossil fuels by Earth Week, 2020.

Heat Week will culminate in a massive on-campus action open to the public called Flood Harvard on Friday, April 26th at 2pm in Harvard Yard. Come on down and stand with student activists to divest the wealthiest school in the nation and raise the call for climate justice!

Join student activists on Friday, April 26th at 2:00 PM to call on Harvard University to fully divest from the fossil fuel industry.

What: Flood Harvard rally for fossil fuel divestment and climate justice

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As one of the wealthiest institutions in the country, and the world, Harvard’s investments have an outsized impact on the fossil fuel industry’s destruction of our climate and communities around the world.

Working together, we can build public pressure on Harvard to pull its money out of fossil fuels. In doing so, we’ll deal a serious blow to the fossil fuel industry’s reputation among investors while directly hurting the pockets of fossil fuel billionaires.

Stand with us on Friday, April 22 to put the heat on Harvard to divest from fossil fuels.

See you then,

Ilana Cohen - Divest Harvard, &

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