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Join Yemen Anti-Famine team at "Raytheon Walk for Hunger"

When: Sunday, May 5, 2019, 7:30 am to 11:00 am
Where: Boston Common • Beacon and Charles St. • Boston

While Raytheon sponsors the Walk for Hunger in Boston,

Its bombs bring starvation and death to Yemen.

Sign up now for the “Yemen Anti-Famine Team” at the Walk for Hunger.

Protest Raytheon’s hypocrisy. Demand that Raytheon cease all weapons sales to the Saudi war criminals. Insist that the Walk for Hunger condemns Raytheon’s massive assistance to Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

Please join us at the Walk for Hunger on Sunday May 5. Some of us will walk to raise money to fight hunger in the U.S. All of us will protest Raytheon’s major contributions to creating hunger in Yemen. We will urge the Walk for Hunger to cut its strong ties with Raytheon until the company ends weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

Sign up here

to support the Walk for Hunger and to stand against Raytheon-supported starvation in Yemen.

Dear Friends, we hope you will consider joining us to protest Raytheon at the Walk for Hunger on May 5. The Walk offers us the opportunity to give visibility to our call for an end to the U.S. supported war in Yemen, to demand that Raytheon cease weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and perhaps to raise some money to fight hunger in the U.S. We have written to the organizers of the Walk to express our concerns. If we receive no response, we will go ahead with our action. click on the link below to see the different ways you can participate in this important action. Best, paul, brian and cole.

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