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Demonstrate: end Raytheon’s support for death in Yemen; end arms sales to Saudi Arbia

When: Thursday, May 16, 2019, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Where: Hilton Hotel • 89 Broad Street • Boston

Through its arms sales and integration with the Saudi regime, Raytheon continues its major role in the destruction of Yemen. Paveway bombs, an intimate partnership with the Saudi Military, hundreds of personnel based in Saudi Arabia, establishing Raytheon Saudi Arabia in Riyadh – the Raytheon-Saudi collaboration is extensive. It sees working with the vicious regimes of the Middle East as an incredible economic opportunity. And the blood money rolls in to Raytheon’s coffers from the epic catastrophe that is Yemen today: starvation, deaths, disease, bombed hospitals, destroyed infrastructure. Raytheon is based right here in Waltham.

A man looks at cows killed by a Saudi airstrike on a dairy farm in Bajil in Yemen's western province January 2, 2016. Abduljabbar Zeyad | Reuters

Saudi airstrike on a dairy farm in Bajil in Yemen’s western province

Raytheon is right in the middle of every U.S. war: Yemen, Iraq, Syria, you name it. it brags that it has trained “virtually every U.S. army soldier in the world”. At this Career Fair Raytheon says it is seeking skilled employees who will support U.S. wars through enhancing electronic warfare capabilities.

Sponsored by the Raytheon Anti-war Campaign (Mass. Peace Action, AFSC, Coalition to Stop the Genocide in Yemen, Veterans for Peace, Peace and Social Concerns-Friends Meeting at Cambridge)

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