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Standout and speakout: No to the Coup in Bolivia!

When: Saturday, November 16, 2019, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: Park Street station • red line stop • Boston

Join us for a speakout against the fascist, US-backed coup in Bolivia! As people across Latin America rise up in rejection of neoliberalism and its sponsor, US imperialism, we must denounce the fascist coup against one of the most consistently pro-people and anti-imperialist governments in the region.

We stand in solidarity with the united movement of unionists, campesinos, and Indigenous peoples that is now mobilizing to defend the gains that they have won under Evo Morales. Until the right wing destabilization began, Bolivia was the fastest growing economy in the region, having declared itself "totally independent" form the World Bank and the IMF, having nationalized the countries natural resources and begun implementing a universal healthcare program praised as a model for the world. The Morales government has also made unprecedented strides for Indigenous rights and beegun the process of turning Bolivia, the last country in Latin America with a self-identified Indigenous majority, into a truly plurinational state.

No to the Coup! Down with fascism, neoliberalism and imperialism!
Endorsing organizations:

The Committee for Peace and Human Rights
United American Indians of New England
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Massachussetts Peace Action
United National Antiwar Coalition
United for Justice with Peace
International Action Center
ANSWER Coalition
Team Solidarity - the Voice of United School Bus Union Workers
Green-Rainbow Party, Greater Boston chapter
Boston May Day Coalition
Workers World Party
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Suffolk University Marxist Student Organization

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