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Deadly Exchange/Hanukkah action: targeting Anti-Defamation League

When: Monday, December 23, 2019, 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Where: State House • Beacon Street • Boston

Jewish Voice for Peace Boston is spearheading this event on Monday December 23rd from 5pm-6:30pm -- the second night of Hanukkah. The event's theme is “We will not be chilled by Trump & the ADL. We are here to shine our Hanukkah light on the Deadly Exchange”. Of course, we see this not just a Jewish or a JVP event, but as a way to shed light on the complicity of ADL in sponsoring law enforcement exchanges -- and now as Trump's biggest cheerleader for the anti-BDS, anti-Palestinian Executive Order.  We are reaching out to many non-Jewish groups (immigrant, Muslim, Palestinian, POC, Native American etc.).

We will start the event at the State House with the 'lighting' of the first two candles, will make 2 more short stops lighting more candles, and then end the event at the Court Street ADL office. The whole march will be half a mile. We will be asking/demanding that the ADL stop funding the police exchanges and we will be calling out its complicity with Trump's anti-Palestinian Executive Order. That being said, the event will be festive and celebratory including music (some HONK musicians), poetry, songs, banners and hopefully some food. Each ‘stop’ will highlight specific values:  Freedom, Diversity/Empathy, Peace, Commitment, Knowledge & Perseverance, Justice, Responsibility, Hope & Continuity, sharing the moral obligation to stand for Immigrant Justice, Racial Justice, against real anti-semitisim (of course as distinct from anti-zionism) and Justice for Palestinians.  

We would love it if you could participate.  

We know this is a hectic time for everyone -- AND we know that we have to challenge racist institutions like the ADL for their complicity in furthering the occupation, the attacks on Palestinians and resistors in the U.S. (all under the guise of being anti-racist).

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