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Planning Group Meeting Schedule and Agendas

The UJP Plannng Group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  

Our meetings will be at 7:15 at AFSC, 2161 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge.  The entrance is on Milton St.  Ring the doorbell when you arrive.

Meeting Schedule for         UJP       Jan – April 2013

attached and below is the new schedule if there are any changes needed let me know -- if there are reports I don't have listed they can be added and if some need to be subtracted that can happen as well.  Ann

Date                                       Notes                                      Chair

Jan  9                                                 Ann                                                    Cole

Jan  23                                               Cole                                                    Ann

Feb. 13                                              Duncan                                             Lois

Feb. 27                                              Lois                                                     Duncan

Mar 13                                              Maggie                                              Marilyn

Mar 27                                              Marilyn                                             Maggie

Ap.  10                                               Paul                                                    Shelagh

Ap. 24                                                Shelagh                                             Paul


Taskforce Reports

Jan 9              On line organizing

Jan 13             MAP

Feb. 13          Nuclear

Feb. 27          Af/Pac

Mar 13          Admin/Financial

Mar 27          Palestine

Ap   10           Legislative

Ap   24           Community Groups