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UJP Planning Group

UJP reviewed its structure in 2009.  The goal has been to ensure that UJP represent the broadest diversity of the peace movement in the Greater Boston area.   We need UJP to be accountable to the member groups, while allowing UJP to take action promptly in response to developments.   

This process reached a milestone at our October 3 strategy conference.   We adopted our updated structure document.  The structure document provides for strategy conferences 2-4 times a year, a planning group with one representative per UJP member group, task force and standing committee; and a community organizing committee, online organizing committee, and administrative committee.   One change was made to the previously circulated draft; it limits voting at strategy conferences to those participating in UJP member groups, task forces, or committees.   

To implement the new structure, it is important that the Planning Group represents as many member groups as possible.  Several member groups have designated their representatives to the Planning Group.   We request all member groups to do so.

The Planning Group handles many issues through its listserv,  All UJP members are more than welcome to join the listserv, even if they do not wish to attend meetings or do not have voting rights since another person has been designated as the representative for their group.   Non-controversial decisions are frequently addressed by posting to the listserv, "Does anyone object if we do X".    If nobody objects after 48 hours, the action is approved; if someone does, the proposal is modified or gets more discussion.

The Planning Group currently has two meetings a month; a face-to-face meeting the second Wednesday, 6:45p.m. at AFSC, and a phone meeting the fourth Wednesday at the same time.   As new members join these times can be changed to fit people's schedules.     The meeting chair is a rotating assignment.    Please write to to determine the next planning meeting.   The meetings are open to all UJP members.

The structure proposal gives voting rights on the Planning Group if a member group attends at least every third meeting.   However, we urge groups to appoint a representative even if they doubt they can make the meetings.   Participation in the listserv and offering suggestions, and attending meetings when possible, are still a very valuable form of participation.