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Nuclear weapons

Planting the Seeds of a Foreign Policy for All

When: Saturday, February 7, 2015, 7:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: First Church in Boston • 66 Marlborough St (corner of Berkeley) • Arlington T • Boston

Massachusetts Peace Action 2015 Annual Meeting

Keynote speakers:

Dennis Kucinich, former Member of Congress and presidential candidate; author, The Courage to Survive.

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, Pastor for Formation and Justice, First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain; author, Gods, Gays, and Guns: Essays on Religion and the future of Democracy

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Remembering Hiroshima

68 years later, it’s time:
President Obama, let’s join international efforts to eliminate the danger of nuclear weapons!

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Festival for a Nuclear-Free Future

When: Saturday, July 16, 2011, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Where: Copley Square • Boston

Festival for a Nuclear-Free FutureConcerned that U.S. nuclear plants are subject to safety risks similar to those that caused the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, and aware of the ongoing dangers of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war, a coalition of Boston area peace, environmental, and religious groups have joined forces to sponsor a Festival for a Nuclear-Free Future this month in Boston.

The free festival will present information on nuclear power safety and the risks of nuclear weapons in a fun, family-friendly way.

Musicians and dancers slated to perform include rockers Public Interest, Japanese style drummers Rutsubo Taiko, folk singer John Loretz, and a show choir from Showa Boston Institute.

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Massachusetts Peace Action Annual Meeting

When: Saturday, January 29, 2011, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: First Baptist Church • 848 Beacon St (corner of Centre) • Green Line "D" (Riverside train) • Newton Center
Ann Jones
Ann Jones

Join members and friends of Massachusetts Action this Saturday afternoon as we review the progress in 2010 and chart the path for our work in 2011.

Ann Jones, the author who documented Afghan women's lives in the searing Kabul in Winter, will speak on ending the Afghanistan war and Afghan women's human rights.

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Countdown To Zerø: Opening Weekend Event

When: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 4:20 pm
Where: Kendall Square Cinema • One Kendall Square • Cambridge

The film “Countdown to Zerø” opens at Kendall Square Cinema on July 30th. This controversial film begins to explore the case for a nuclear weapons free world. Variety calls Countdown to Zerø “a politically urgent picture; it will also literally scare the breath out of what will certainly be a worldwide audience.“

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Disarmament in the Age of Obama

When: Thursday, July 8, 2010, 4:00 pm
Where: Cambridge Friends Meeting Center • 5 Longfellow Park • walk down Brattle St from Harvard Sq T • Cambridge
Subrata Ghoshroy
Subrata Ghoshroy
Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly
Joseph Gerson
Joseph Gerson
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Military Spending vs. Jobs, Health, Education & Environment

When: Saturday, January 28, 2012, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: First Baptist Church • 848 Beacon St (corner of Centre) • Newton Centre T (Green Line "D") • Newton

Massachusetts Peace Action Annual Meeting

Neta Crawford
Neta Crawford
Judith LeBlanc
Judith LeBlanc
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Tax Day Rallies

When: Saturday, April 12, 2014, 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Where: Emmanuel Church • 15 Newbury St • Arlington T • Boston

We pay our taxes.

Are we getting what we need?

Saturday, April 12, 2pm
Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street, Boston

Mel King • Rep. Jim McGovern • Rep. Katherine Clark • Grace Ross, MC • Haris Gruman, SEIU • Lew Finfer, Raise Up Mass • Rep. Jay Livingstone • Carolyn Federoff, AFGE 3258 • M.K. Merelice, Green-Rainbow Party candidate• Nathan Proctor, Mass Fair Share • Joe Kebartas, Veterans for Peace • Andrew Fish, Mass PIRG • Joann Thomas & Alex Booth, MAHT • Tilly Teixeira, Mass Senior Action • Amy Tighe, 350 Mass • Dr. Richard Fine, Medical Researcher • Rob Folan-Johnson, ACT-UP • Don Berkwick, candidate for governor • Rev. Vernon Walker • Mike Prokosch, Dorchester People for Peace • Phyllis Evans, 25% Coalition • Video messages from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Barney Frank

The way we raise and spend our taxes tells us a lot about what our country has become.

Why do working people pay their taxes, while the rich and corporations get huge tax breaks?

Why are we cutting medical research, Head Start, housing, food stamps and unemployment insurance -- while we spend more on the Pentagon than the next 10 countries combined?

Why is there no national jobs program -- when there are still more than 10 million unemployed and our state plans to spend $2 billion on new prisons?

Why can energy companies pollute the atmosphere and destroy the climate, but there is no price for emitting carbon?

We need a Budget for All!

Tell Congress to support the

Better Off Budget

Protest Corporate Tax Cheats

Saturday, April 12, 12:30 pm
Bank of America
440 Boylston St. at Berkeley St., Boston

Loopholes allowed Bank of America to avoid over $4 billion in taxes in 2012


Rally: Thursday, April 10, 4:30 - 6:00 pm
Bank of America
255 Park Ave, Worcester

Loopholes allowed Bank of America to avoid over $4 billion in taxes in 2012

Fall River

Rally: Thursday, April 10, 4:00 pm
Government Center

Fall River taxpayers will spend $65 million on the Pentagon budget in 2014


Vigil: Saturday, April 12, 10:00 - 11:30 am
Walpole Common
Main & West Streets

Our country spends more on the military than the next 13 biggest military spenders in the world, combined. The Ryan budget proposal particularly targets these social services for devastating cuts. We need the ‘Budget for All’ that supports social services and the needs of people.

Budget for All! – 617-354-2169 –

Stop the Cuts – Invest in Jobs – Tax the 1% – Bring the Troops Home – Reduce Military Spending

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Towards a Just & Cooperative U.S. Foreign Policy

When: Saturday, February 8, 2014, 7:30 am to 12:00 pm
Where: St Ignatius Parish • 28 Commonwealth Ave • Take Green Line "B" to End of Line & cross Comm. Ave. • Chestnut Hill

As the Wars Wind Down... Are We Nearing a Turning Point?

Massachusetts Peace Action 2014 Annual Meeting

What a year! A popular outcry stopped a U.S. war with Syria and diplomacy promises relaxation of tensions with Iran (if Congress doesn’t interfere). The Budget for All proved that voters want less military spending and more social investment, and the Autumn Convergence showed that we can connect peace, climate, and economic and social justice into a single progressive agenda.

Why is the U.S. the world’s policeman and what is the alternative? How can we move our nation towards a more peaceful foreign policy? We present two important voices to solve these riddles and shape our work in 2014.

Barney Frank served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1981 to 2013. A constant campaigner to cut the military budget by 25%, he formed the Sustainable Defense Task Force in 2010 to propose practical ways to do so, and criticized U.S. support for NATO . The primary architect of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform act, Frank is now at work on a book.

Andrew Bacevich is Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University. A West Point graduate and retired U.S. Army Colonel, he is author of The New American Militarism, Washington Rules, andBreach of Trust.  Read an important recent article. Bacevich urges the U.S. to abandon its hegemonistic foreign policy and focus on rebuilding its society at home. His books will be available for signing.

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Occupy Peace Summit

When: Friday, February 24, 2012, 1:00 pm to Sunday, February 26, 2012, 7:00 pm
Where: Friends Center • 1501 Cherry St • Philadelphia, PA

UFPJ Member Group Meeting "Occupy Peace Summit" Feb 24-27th in Philadelphia, PA


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Making Connections: Boston to NATO - UJP Strategy Conference

When: Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: Cambridge Friends Center • 5 Longfellow Park • Harvard Square T • Cambridge

Chuck Turner

Register to attend

Chuck Turner: Here I Stand

Opening the conference will be a discussion with Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, whose sentencing hearing follows the conference by only a few days. Turner was recently removed from the City Council after being found guilty of bribery in an FBI operation which seemed strange and unbelievable to many of his supporters.

Turner is a long-time ally of UJP and leader in the movement for peace and justice. One of his priority projects was recently crowned with success with passage of a state level CORI reform bill. Turner will be introduced by Duncan McFarland, UJP planning group member, who will recount some of the history of work done together by Turner and UJP.

US Global Strategy for the 21st Century
Obama Policy, European and Asian Responses

Joseph Gerson

Joseph Gerson will share some of what he learned as a participant in the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Hiroshima, the NATO counter-summit conference and protests in Portugal, and the Japan Peace Conference, which brought together leading Japanese and other Asia-Pacific peace and anti-bases activists.

In addition to lessons about how the Obama Administration is working to create its "arrangement for the 21st century", and reflections about some of committed and inspiring people he met and worked with, Gerson will talk about plans for international campaigns to end the Afghanistan War, to cut military spending to meet human needs, for nuclear disarmament, and for the withdrawal of oppressive U.S. military bases.

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International Day of Action for a Nuclear-Free World

When: Sunday, May 2, 2010, 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Where: near Times Square • 7th Ave & south of 41st St • march to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St. & 1st Ave.) • New York, NY

Disarm Now!  For Peace and Human NeedsInternational Day of Action for a Nuclear-Free World

Join with thousands from around the world for an International Day of Action.  Bring your posters, your drums, your children and your neighbors to say to the world and the leaders who will come to the UN for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty:

• We want a Nuclear Free Future!
• Fund Human Needs, Not War!
• End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!
• Protect the planet instead of destroying it with war and nuclear proliferation!

The rally begins at 2:00 with speakers, performers and greetings from the international delegations. At 3:30, we will march across town to the United Nations ending with the International Peace & Music Festival.  There will be music from around the world as well as tents and tables with information and organizing resources so that we can continue our work for a safe, nuclear-free, peaceful and just world for all!

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Peace Priorities in the New Year

When: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 7:00 am to 11:00 am
Where: Encuentro 5 • 33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor • Chinatown • Boston

Peace Action Annual Meeting 2010: Our Work Continues

Raed Jarrar
Raed Jarrar
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Hiroshima Day - Vigil with Music and Speakers

When: Thursday, August 6, 2009, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Where: Watertown Square • corners of Maine, Watertown, Galen Streets • Watertown


               Stand with Us for Peace

    commemorate the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

                      on August 6 and 9, 1945


             vigil, followed by speakers, music,

                 candle-boat float at the dock


Another Hiroshima Day vigil will be held at 7:30 a.m. on Waltham Common.

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Afghanistan/Pakistan Briefing - UJP Strategy Conference

When: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Friends Meeting House • 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge

Let's all get together with each other again.....

On Saturday June 13 from 1-5 in the afternoon, all of us in UJP will gather for our next strategy conference.  Once again, we will be meeting at the Cambridge Friends Center in the Harvard Square area.

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