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Economic Justice

Peace Contingent in Dorchester Day Parade

When: Sunday, June 2, 2013, 9:00 am
Where: Dorchester

Get Ready to

March Together in the DORCHESTER DAY PARADE!

Sunday, June 2

Dorchester People for Peace will be marching again this year in the Dorchester Day Parade on June 2 along with our friends and allied organizations. Please join us!


Together, we bring our vision and our values to thousands of people along the four-mile route.


Our message will focus on ending the war in Afghanistan and opposing any new military intervention in Iran or Syria; reducing the military budget; and funding urgent needs at home in our neighborhoods and communities.  Thousands of marchers and parade watchers will see our banners and get our anti-war flyers!


We’ll gather around Noon in Dorchester Lower Mills (Richmond St.) with the parade kick-off about 1pm

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4,500 Letters Presented to Sens. Kerry, Brown

About 60 people rallied Tuesday, Nov. 15 in Boston at Sen. Kerry's and Brown's offices.   We raised 4 demands to the SuperCommittee:

No More Cuts!                          Tax the 1%!

End the Wars!                           Invest in Jobs!

Clifton Sims and Susan Lees address SuperCommittee anti-cuts rally at Sen. Kerry's office
Clifton Sims and Susan Lees in front of Sen. Kerry's office (letters are next to Sims, wrapped in red ribbons)

Boston voters signed about 4,500 letters making these 4 points at the polls on election day.  We delivered the 4,500 letters plus 700 additional petition signatures and hand-written cards to Sen. Kerry's deputy state director Roger Lau and his health care specialist Stephen Meunier.   We then moved to the sidewalk in front of Sen. Scott Brown's office and presented another copy of the 4,500 letters to Sen. Brown's state director, Jerry McDermott.   We secured pledges from both offices to send a written response to everyone who wrote a letter.

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"Ending the Endless Wars" Conference

The first panel at the UJP conference. Left, Max Elbaum. Right, Najib Saliba and Ann Wright.   Photos by Pat Westwater-Jong
UJP's 10th anniversary conference, Ending the Endless Wars and Occupations, drew 250 Boston area peace activists to an all-day movement building conversation October at held at Suffolk University, and cosponsored by the Suffolk Department of Government.  The gathering was UJP's largest since the height of the Iraq war in 2006. 
Assistant Prof. Brian Conley welcomed the conference, which drew dozens of Suffolk undergraduates, to Suffolk University.  Shelagh Foreman of Peace Action read remarks, "No Justice, No Peace", by ex-Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner.   He congratulated UJP on ten years of work and emphasized the importance of the justice component, citing UJP's work to stop BU's dangerous level 4 biolab as an positive example.  Turner reminded us of Martin Luther King's "three evils" of war, racism and poverty and said that all must be addressed as part of the same system.   Turner advised us to persist in our efforts and not get discouraged in case of adversity.
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How Do You Fix the Deficit? End the Wars, Tax the Rich!

Boston antiwar march, 10-15-2011

Several thousand anti-war protesters marched through downtown Boston Saturday, October 15 to protest the US wars.  The march started at Park Street and passed by the Armed Forces Recruiting Center, Verizon, Bank of America and ended at the Occupy Boston camp in Dewey Square.

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Gandhi Statue Blocks Entrance to Goldman Sachs in Boston

by Lewis R. Randa, October 30, 2010 - Open Media Boston

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1,000+ Immigrant Workers, Allies Rally on May Day in East Boston

As immigration reform debate intensifies in Washington, Boston-area marches converge for mass rally in celebration of International Workers’ Day
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One Nation Mobilization Draws Huge Crowd to National Mall Despite Travel Snafus

One Nation crowd
AFRO photo

October 3 - The One Nation Working Together mobilization drew a huge crowd which filled the National Mall yesterday, as labor, civil rights, and environmental leaders called for unity and repairing the nation's broken economy and social fabric.


Jobs Not War at Labor Day 2010

Fund our communities - Cut military spending 25%The 25% campaign had a very visible presence at the great Labor Day rally on Boston Common, organized by SEIU Local 615.

25%ers from the Boston area met up with a large contingent from the Coalition for Social Justice and the Coalition for Poverty from Fall River/New Bedford.

We handed out almost 400 25% ‘Jobs not Wars’ stickers and fliers, talked to many people, and joined the march with a banner.


Join us at the Lincoln Memorial on 10-2-10!

by Angela Williams-Mitchell
New England Area Council, NAACP


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