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Welcome to the new UJP web site!

The UJP web site is an online community.   Use it to learn about, and participate in, the peace and justice movement in the Greater Boston area.

To get started, let's take a tour of the site.

At the top, the pulldown menu leads people to pages which describe each UJP campaign and member group, and explain how to get involved.

On the right, Peace Events This Week lists upcoming events including lectures, films, vigils and protests, and meetings.

At the upper right, the Post menu allows you to post content to the site, after you create a username and log in.    You can also browse forums, blogs and news, set up your profile (be sure to post a picture of yourself), and look over the list of members who have joined the site.

Farther down on the right, What's New shows what's been posted to our site recently, and Open Media Boston has news from Boston's progressive community.

The UJP block lets you quickly subscribe to receive our email updates, and User Login lets you create an account on the site; once you sign in to your account, you can post your own articles and events, create a blog, or participate in discussion forums.

In the center is the article you are reading.   The small blue links near the top of it are the categories; each article is tagged with one or more UJP campaigns and sometimes with a Greater Boston community.   Click on these to see more articles about that topic or that community.

The small orange square at the bottom of the page is an RSS feed which, if you use an RSS reader, gives you the latest posts from this as well as other sites in one place.   If you don't have an RSS reader, try Bloglines or Google Reader.